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Ideally coaching is a three-way partnership between the individual, the coach, and the organization, in which all involved agree on specific goals and parameters. 
We discover the individual’s personality traits and preferred way of handling situations. We explore their work style and work environment. We review their perceptions, attitudes and beliefs and leverage their strengths. We help the individual examine obstacles and support them as they learn to work around areas of weakness, giving them the ability to find success on their own terms. 

Those who benefit the most from coaching are those individuals who share their confidential issues and work with us to find solutions that work. The coach learns who the individual is – not just at the surface, but at a deeper level – to understand and support their goals. We then help the individual to achieve a new level of effectiveness. We talk about the things that matter to them, so they can confidently develop their skills and map out their road to success.

The client is the one who grants the power to the coaching relationship. Coaching, which is not therapy or counselling, may address specific personal challenges, workplace issues, or general conditions in the client’s personal life or professional life.

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