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Principles and Values of our courses:
  • The purpose of our workshops is to create change and action, as well as skills and knowledge
  • Experiential learning will be the foundation of our workshops
  • Learning will be personal, relevant, and meaningful i.e. it will be about the practical issues and concerns that participants have with respect to their own workplace, issues and skills
  • Transference of knowledge and skills back into each participant’s work environment will be addressed
​Our typical design for training includes:
  • Use of self-assessment tools
  • Demonstration of skills
  • Both small and large group discussions
  • Practical exercises in small groups / pairs
  • Role-plays designed to practice skills and processes learned
  • Two day course provides more in depth content; the opportunity for deeper knowledge and skill based practice application i.e. Role play scenarios, practical assessments etc.
  • Debriefing of all exercises in small groups and group as a whole
  • ​Assessment and feedback will be a balance of self, the group, and the workshop facilitator

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