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Participants trained as Mediators learn how to guide others through a collaborative problem-solving process.  They become skilled in helping parties defuse and manage any defensiveness and emotion that impedes resolution.  As parties begin to talk and listen to each other’s points of view, they begin to develop mutual understanding. Mediators ask questions and clarify perspectives important to each individual.  They do not judge, take sides, or tell parties what to do.  The parties are given responsibility for determining their own mutually acceptable agreement and this agreement is based on the understanding of each other’s perspective and needs.
Discovery Mediation© training equips participants with the ability to manage and assist others to resolve their conflicts in a wide range of situations through the use of a structured model.  This model reduces the tension, conflict and self-focus often present in traditional attempts to resolve conflicting views. Mediators help participants develop more co-operative interpersonal relations, while teaching positive communication skills and a process for dispute resolution.

The objectives of this 3 day workshop are to have participants:

  • Describe the mediation process and the role of the Mediator
  • Assess the appropriateness of a particular dispute for mediation
  • Learn and apply a seven-phase mediation model
  • Establish and support a constructive tone for the mediation
  • Establish guidelines for constructive communication between the participants
  • Identify issues brought to a mediation and frame them for resolution
  • Assist participants to shift from positions to interests, move from past focus to a present and future focus, clarify assumptions, and identify common goals
  • Build understanding between parties
  • Identify interests
  • Assist parties to develop options
  • Use basic communication skills to support the mediation process
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in the third-party role of a Mediator

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